Don't Worry

by Haunter

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Andrew Kobularcik
Andrew Kobularcik thumbnail
Andrew Kobularcik This band is just too good, dark and beautiful. Favorite track: Shadow Song.
wonderdog thumbnail
wonderdog Atmospheric and gorgeous.
Melissa Nally
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Melissa Nally I'm in love, though. Favorite track: Girl Talk.
Sarah Oksiuta
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Sarah Oksiuta "Haunter" is the perfect name for this band. I want to go see them at a hazy nightclub but I'm afraid I'll leave a little creeped out. Hypnotic guitars and drifty, drifty stuff. Favorite track: For You.
Kimberley Laube
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Kimberley Laube Feels like a hot humid night in the middle of nowhere. Favorite track: Don't Worry.
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shalomi and pork sandwiches


released October 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Haunter Milwaukee, Wisconsin

it's weird

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Track Name: Hollow Secrets
I told my secrets
To a hole inside my heart
But now they're covered in mud
My lover, she don't come over anymore
I don't know how long its been

I've seen the light

Eating alone
Inside myself, beside myself
And with you I give and take and give and take
I don't let myself forget you or get you
Or I would surely die

I've seen the light
In the mood for love
I've seen the light
Track Name: Girl Talk
I know what you think, I feel it too
I know what you drink, but not what you're into

Cuz I'm stuck inside the lines
Almost all the time

I know the back of your hand, better than I know mine
I know my state makes you cry at night

But I'm stuck inside the lines
Almost all the time
Track Name: Closer
take my bones and go
leave my little soul
take back what I stole

the beat of his drum is pulling me closer
Track Name: Shadow Song
Let me be your shadow, and I will follow you home.
I'll be there whenever you think you're alone.

Won't you be mine?

Let me be your water, so you can swallow me whole.
Take me into your body, where there's nowhere to go.

Won't you be mine?
Track Name: Spirits
I know she isn't a bad thing
but If I'm a bad thing then she feels bad too
such appeal
hurts while it's open
and open is all that I feel sometimes

come, my friend I'll show you where I live
I live in some foliage with warm blooded frogs
and they call, they call me by my first name
I don't know them that well but they keep me safe

she makes my spirits fall down like a dead tree
they fall down like an old knee
and all my little cold thoughts that I keep here
she eats them with her bad fear
I can't feel her when she's near

such is the lost way, the lost way of all
the people that follow, that follow her call
but I keep my distance cause I know it all

she makes my spirits fall down like a dead tree
and fall down like an old knee
and all my little cold thoughts that I keep here
she eats them with her bad fear
and I can't feel her when she's neeeeeeeaaaaaaaaar
Track Name: Don't Worry
I know not to worry
I just always forget
I know you'll follow
I just always forget
Track Name: Fever Dreams
I ordered a to go box for my heart
But if you don't know me you don't know where to start
And if this is just a fever dream
How can I know what's real and what seems
To be a poison rat that's in my soup
When I'm about ready to fly the coop
Running away but caught in mid air
My legs are still working but in need of repair

And I see you

I see all kinds of doors dreams trap the truth
Force you to confront your lions tooth
I go through one just to find more
And every dreams the same through every door
So please don't find, so please don't find
Out about me how I'm brittle and blind
So please don't find, so please don't find
I won't want to be left behind

I can't subtract nor can I add
The way you make me feel or what we had
The more I stay the more I realize
That is this just my despair in disguise
And if I don't forget you soon
This fever dream will become my tomb
But if I do, forget you soon
This dream will pop just like a balloon
Track Name: For You
I would never leave him
I would never leave him alone
I would never leave him
I would never let him go

I would kill for him
I would

I would always love him
I would always love him I know
I would always love him
but he will never know

I would kill for him
I would
I would kill for him
my love
Track Name: Nine Tails
fold my tongue
cause no one wants to see me when it's done
make me sting
cause I just wanna get it like I give

take my sins
hold em up and show me what I did
forget my health
excommunicate me from myself

break my skin
hit it till it makes me feel again
nine tails comin at me I need love

nine tails
Track Name: Driftaway
Bring me flowers, you know my face.
With just touch I can find my place,
but the sea still knows me better.
Without knowing I drift away,
I don't know why but I just can't stay.
Don't drift away from me yet.

Your flowers died months ago.
I hate the smell but I can't let go.
They're drier than your eyes.
I'm in the water but I can't swim.
I drift alone with the wind.
If I'm not standing still i'm leaving.